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Amine Handling Systems

Liquid amine (TEA or DMEA) are very volatile and flammable materials. Amine is as flammable as gasoline with a flash point of 20°F (-6.6°C) for TEA and –33°F (-36.1°C) for DMEA. However, the unloading and distribution of this chemical is not handled safely in most foundries. Our customers came to us and asked us to design an unloading and distribution system that would meet all the NFPA guidelines, eliminate employee exposure to the chemical and have an automatic shutoff system in case an amine line is leaking or ruptures.

Product Description:

MT Systems has designed an amine unloading system for the operator's and foundry's safety concerns in mind. The system is designed to meet or exceed all OSHA regulations and NFPA 30 codes. The system makes handling amine safer and easier for the foundry personnel. The amine system can include the unloading station only or can be designed all the way to the core machine.

System Features:

  • Cylinder weigh scales on platform
  • Separate control panel with alarm light and PLC that can be tied to alarms in other locations
  • PLC based control with full color operator interface
  • Excess flow valve—mechanical device to limit amine flow
  • Fabricated and painted barriers to protect the weigh scales and piping
  • N2 Regulators
  • Amine and N2 control valves
  • N2 pressure transmitter
  • Amine header pressure transmitter

System Safeties:

  1. Designed to NFPA 30 codes and OSHA regulations
  2. Intrinsically safe wiring design
  3. Multiple emergency stops which de-energize all outputs
  4. Excess flow valve that protects against over pressurization
  5. Dry quick disconnects which eliminates employee exposure to liquid amine during cylinder change outs
  6. Amine header pressure regulation where the amine line is regulated to shutdown the system if line pressure drops
  7. A system purge feature pushes amine back to the cylinders when the amine line needs to be opened
  8. Fire rated fail safe control valves
  9. Fusible line air lines
  10. Alarm features and history on PLC and operator interface
  11. System is de-pressurized for cylinder change out to 0 psi
  12. Vapor detectors can be included in the system
  13. Scrubber line are designed into the system for excess flow or system purge
  14. Amine and N2 control valves
  15. All stainless steel tubing, fittings and controls