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RealTime Control Systems

MT Systems' RealTime control system optimizes your liquid addition and equipment processes to new levels of performance.  It smoothes out process variability by monitoring and controlling key variables.  Whether the process is batch or continuous, the system will provide precise repeatable control.  The systems can be PLC or PC based for ease of information control and monitoring.  Combined with Smart Batch or Smart Pump hardware, this system provides the process optimization and realtime management information needed in today's competitive marketplace.

Control of process equipment can also be incorporated into the design of the systems to allow upgrading of out of date controls into a single project.The Realtime system is designed with three action levels:

  • Batch assurance
  • Process optimization
  • Management information

Batch Assurance

The ingredients in your process are metered at precisely the right time and in the exact quantity needed.  If for any reason, the ingredients can not be metered properly, the Realtime system will alarm and/or shut the system down.  There is no longer any reason for a out of spec mix.  The Realtime system will alert the operator of the problem area.  The metering system will compensate and eliminate concerns over chemical or liquid viscosity changes, line or nozzle restrictions, pump wear and supply interruptions.

Process Optimization

We work with you to design the most flexibility and bottleneck elimination into the system.  We can tailor the system to continuous liquid streams or individual batch recipes for each product.  Many methods are available to automatically tell the mixing operation which recipe is needed, including bar code readers, card scanners, optical recognition and operator input.

Management Information

RealTime process information is increasingly important in today's production environment.  However, it is important that retrieving information is not cumbersome or time consuming.  We have the flexibility and experience to develop a custom reporting system that can be viewed in many different formats.  We can design custom reports that can be accessed through the PLC, a PC, over your plant network or via the internet.  

The RealTime system is comprised of software, hardware and liquid pump panels.  The configuration depends on how many mixing units are controlled and to what level of modernization is needed.  Our systems are always designed with upward expandability in mind.  

The software is written to accomplish the three actions levels outlined.  The detail of each level changes with the needs and goals of each customer.  Whether the software is written in ladder logic or a higher level language depends on the hardware used.  Programming is done by qualified MT Systems staff and follows sound programming fundamentals and full documentation practices.

RealTime systems can either use PLC controllers or PC's.  When a company has a standard established, we will design the system to incorporate your standard.  Newer versions of PLC's have the capability and flexibility to incorporate all levels of the system.
The following is list of the different hardware and software we have expertise in to design your system:


  • C and C++
  • Basic and Visual Basic
  • Allen Bradley's PLC-5, SLC-500, ControlLogix and MicroLogix
  • Modicon's 984, Quantum and Momentum
  • Siemens's SIMATIC S7-300
  • Allen Bradley's RS View 32
  • Intellution’s iFIX-HMI/SCADA
  • Siemens’s SIMATIC HMI
  • Wonderware’s FactorySuite


  • All models of Allen Bradley's PanelView family
  • All models of Modicon's and Cutler-Hammer's PanelMate Plus family
  • Siemens’s SIMATIC HMI models


  • Wonderware
  • Intellution
  • Factory Link
  • TCP Smart Screens
  • PanelView
  • PanelMate
  • Customized MMI software