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Automated Refractory Coating Mixing Systems

Regardless of the size of the application, MT Systems can design a mixing and distribution system for your application. The mixing and quality control of refractory coatings has always been a labor intensive and manual operation. This is why MT Systems has developed an automated mixing and in-process quality control system for your operation.

The system automatically monitors the specific gravity of the coating in the mixing tank and distribution lines then adds the proper amount of coating and water to maintain the exact specific gravity for your needs. The system can be tailored to your coating, mixing tank size and specific gravity needs. Automated coating unloading and distribution stations can be designed in the system to reduce handling costs even farther.

Product Description:
MT Systems' coatings mixing systems are designed to take the guesswork and human error out of mixing and controlling coating materials.

Our systems are:

  • Designed to automatically add the precise amounts of coating and water needed to maintain the specific gravity required by your process.
  • Specific gravity is monitored constantly throughout the mixing process to ensure consistent results.
  • Effortless integrating of additional coating into the system by the batch or in a continuous flow distribution system.
  • Distribution systems, dip tanks, flow coating basins and automated raw material unloading stations can all be custom designed into the overall system.

Product Benefits:

  • Precise quality control
  • Reduced labor in mixing coatings
  • Tank and line rinse features for automated cleaning
  • Precise inventory control
  • Dual mixing blades
  • Stainless steel mixing containers for long life
  • Eliminate labor checking coating quality
  • Automatically distribute coating to application tanks

Product Design:
Whether the system required is a large, bulk installation or a small batch operation, we can customize the system to your specific needs and materials.These advantages include:

  • Designed specifically to meet your individual needs and process requirements. No pre-designed criteria limiting system capabilities
  • Tank size, control system options and distribution of the material after the mixing tank are all factors in the design process
  • Customized process tanks can be included in your design to meet your individual need
  • Mixing tanks from 100 gallons to over 1,000 gallons to your specifications
  • System controls monitor:
  • Tank levels
  • Pumping status
  • Usage levels
  • Quality readings
  • Mixing speed
  • Addition history
  • System alarms will sound, discontinue operations and display the problem item if the specific gravity is not obtained.
  • Documentation is supplied including operator manuals, troubleshooting guide and hardware manufacturers manuals.

A trained MT Systems technician will be at your facility for system start-up and train your employees on system operation.

Coatings mixing systems can be designed for any mixing application including liquid, dry additives, slurries and pastes. Many additional process control methods can be included in a system for different types of liquid materials other than refractory coatings.