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Smart Batch Resin Addition System

Smart Batch is an easy to use and programmable system which increases the accuracy of your resin addition in batch mixers. The Smart Batch system scans and updates the actual amount of material going into your mixer five times per second. The controller adjusts the pump speed to add the exact amount of material in the exact amount of time. The material amounts, ratios, orders of addition and injection time can all be adjusted batch to batch automatically. Smart Batch can be used in any application where precise liquid addition is needed. The Smart Batch system provides the optimum level of consistency and efficiency for your specific process.

Product Description:

Smart Batch addition systems insure precise control over liquid metering processes by compensating for viscosity change, line/nozzle restrictions and pump wear. Single or multiple liquid streams can be ratioed against each other or against a solid flow.


  • Recipes can be set up by part number, machine or other criteria
  • Scans and updates control five times per second
  • Adjustable set point control
  • Adjustable deviation alarm set points
  • Displays process variable and set point values
  • Auto tune function
  • Automatic or manual control functions
  • Unit meets environmental classification of NEMA 12

Product Design:

A Smart Batch system consists of a digital PID controller, a flowmeter, a solid state motor controller w/motor and a positive displacement pump for each liquid being metered. The system is controlled by a PLC and an operator interface is used to enter recipe selections and view information. The liquid addition nozzles are provided to eliminate the dripping of material after the liquid addition is complete. The hardware items, along with all necessary valving and piping, are assembled and completely wired in a NEMA 12 enclosure.

The system comes with complete documentation of all electrical and mechanical connections and components. Additionally, the manufacturer's product manuals for all hardware are included in the documentation.

Finally, customized operator manuals are developed for each Smart Batch system with step by step instructions and troubleshooting guides for your specific unit.

Smart Batch's design criteria is based upon your process parameters. Flow rates, head pressures, material/chemical compatibility and chemical storage (bulk or day tanks) are all taken into consideration when designing and building your Smart Batch system. This insures many years of trouble free operation and performance.


Installation is a breeze! Just set the unit in place, run piping and hook-up the electrical. Then an MT System representative will assist in start-up and provide training.


Smart Batch systems can be configured for single or multiple chemical metering additions. Standard units are available for 2 or 3 part systems. The Smart Batch unit can be used to meter any pumpable material at temperatures from 40° to 350° F. Examples of materials that the Smart Batch unit would control are: Resins, acids, bases, shear sensitive materials, paints, adhesives, dyes, food additives and fragrances.