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Bulk Handling Systems

MT Systems bulk handling systems take the worry out of managing your bulk chemical systems. Our systems are designed to meet all NFPA guidelines for handling combustible liquids. Given the heightened stress on hazardous chemicals in the press and legislative fronts, having a peace of mind that your system is in compliance is paramount. Many additional safeties are built into our systems to meet fire codes requirements and eliminate the potential for chemical spills. Our systems can be tailored to meet the individual needs of your operation with the use of day tanks and automatic filling systems.

Product Description:

MT Systems bulk handling and resin delivery systems can be designed to automatically transfer your binder supply from the truck unloading to the day tanks on the shop floor in a safe, economical and regulation compliant method.

Product Benefits:

  1. Precise inventory control
  2. NFPA guideline compliant
  3. Reduced freight costs
  4. Reduce or eliminate employee exposure
  5. Eliminate human error in pumping and transferring materials
  6. Major reduction in binder handling costs
  7. Typically lower cost per pound for material when purchased in bulk
  8. Elimination of residual in containers that must be disposed
  9. Elimination of chemical spills moving containers

Product Design:

The advantage of choosing MT Systems to design your bulk handling systems :

  • Designed to your particular needs and process
  • No pre-designed criteria limiting the capabilities of your system
  • Bulk tanks can vary from 3,000 gallons to 10,000 gallons or more
  • Day tanks can be added to the system in machine areas. As small as 50 gallons or larger than 1,000 gallons
  • Bulk and or day tanks can be equipped with:
  • Automatic filling
  • Level monitoring
  • Storage and day tanks designed and equipped for your particular climate and binder requirements:
  • Plain metal tank may be sufficient for your operation or insulated
  • Heat traced
  • Cooled jackets around the tanks are also available
  • Each binder’s individual requirements as well as environmental, fire, viscosity, and handling requirements will be considered when designing your system.


MT Systems has designed bulk handling systems for most foundry binder systems, including:

  • No-bake and Cold Box Phenolic Urethane
  • Furan / Acid systems
  • Ester cured Phenolic / Acid
  • Epoxy / Acrylic resins
  • Systems have also been designed for scrubber solution, amines, diesel, oils and other industrial chemicals.