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Food Processing

The following are customers involved in food processing or food grade products. Please contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for contact names and phone numbers for specific customers.

  • OCEAN SPRAY | Kenosha, WI
    Line 1 wrapper Y panel control
    Line 2S electrical control panel

  • QUAKER OATS | Danville, IL
    Control system upgrade
    Die cleaner control system
    Chewy sugar system
    CGB barcode controllers
    Chewy peanut butter flowmeter system
    Kreuter tunnel
    Oven 1 CIP system
    Chewy Tri-sun oil system
    Audit sugar systems

  • TRIDAN | Danville, IL
    Tube expander for ICP

  • DEVRO-TEEPAK | Danville, IL
    2 part Smart Pump injection system
    Ergo Smart Batch and mixing system
    Clear Pak D-tam hot knife cycle and timing project
    9SM solution delivery system