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System Integration & Engineering Systems Customers

The following list includes our customers that have contracted us expressly for system integration and engineering services projects. However, all our equipment is customized to your process or application so engineering services is included in all customer lists. Please contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for contact names and phone numbers for specific customers.

  • RECKITT BENCKISER | Hillborough, NJ
    Lysol one-step batching system
    Telemetry control system
    Tank farm monitoring system
    Spraying can inspection system - Line A3
    Spraying can inspection system - Line A1
    Waste pit control system
    Control system for bleach packaging line
    Ingredient addition system for aerosol line 3

  • OCEAN SPRAY | Kenosha, WI
    System integration of bottling line

  • CCL | Danville, IL
    System integration for Cascade system

  • VESUVIUS | Chareston, IL
    Hammermill alarm program changes
    Modicon software programming for presses
    Intellution and AB software programming

  • TRIDAN | Danville, IL
    Tube expander for ICP

  • QUAKER OATS | Danville, IL
    Die cleaner control system
    Chewy sugar system
    CGB barcode controllers
    Chewy peanut butter flowmeter system
    Kreuter tunnel
    Oven 1 CIP system
    Chewy Tri-sun oil system
    Audit sugar systems

  • HOLMES BROTHERS | Danville, IL
    Design drive setup for machinery

  • KRUPP GERLACH | Danville, IL
    LVDT and display for 800 ton clearing press

    Labor resources for Amtrak

  • GLESCO | Urbana, IL
    Illinois American water company project

  • TRIDAN | Danville, IL
    Tube expander for ICP

  • CATERPILLAR | Mapleton, IL
    Line 1 and 2 venter design and programming
    Stress relief conveyors PB boxes and panels
    Blast conveyor control systems (3)

  • GUARDIAN WEST | Danville, IL
    Press PLC programming and Panelview addition

  • HEATCRAFT | Danville, IL
    Hydro level control system

    Press control programming for robots, die interlocks and doc

  • DEVRO-TEEPAK | Danville, IL
    Clear Pak D-tam hot knife cycle and timing project
    9SM solution delivery system

    Industrial rack mount CPU system with CRT

  • HURLETRON, INC. | Danville, IL
    Design and manufacture Electro-card reader system

  • KRUPP GERLACH | Danville, IL
    Micro finisher system